Saturday, October 6, 2012

Xiluodu Hydropower Project

Xiluodu Hydropower Project is situated on the Jinsha River reach. It is a huge hydropower project with comprehensive benefits of primary power generation, sediment controlling, flood controlling, downstream navigation improving. The controlled basin area is 454.4×103 km2, which is 96% of the whole Jinsha River basin area. The water level in normal storage is 600 m with a total reservoir capacity of 12.67 billion m3, active storage capacity of 6.46 billion m3 and flood control capacity is 4.65 billion m3. The key structures consist of dam, power conduit systems and power plants, flood discharge and energy dissipation structures etc. The type of dam is concrete double-curvature arch dam with a crest elevation of 610m and crest length of 700m. The maximum dam height is 278 m. Seven 12.5m×13.5m surface spillways, eight 6m×6.7m deep outlets are arranged on the arch dam body. There are five spillway tunnels both on the left and right banks separately. Two large underground power houses are laid on the both banks separately, each has 9 turbine units with the single capacity of 700MW, the total installed capacity of the project is 12600 MW, and the annual average power generation is 57.12 TWh. The power conduit systems are composed of intakes, headrace tunnels; main powerhouses, main transmission caverns, tailrace surge chambers and ground surface switch stations.
The construction of Xiluodu Hydropower Project began on Dec.26th, 2005. The total construction period is 12 years and 2 months. It is planned to realize river closure in 2008. The project static investment is 45.928 billion RMB based on the 2001’s price level.

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