Friday, October 5, 2012

Build Micro-hydro Generator: The Shaft and The Turbine

The Shaft

1. Cut the dowel down to 20cm in length.

2. Using a pencil sharpener put a point on each end of the wooden dowel (it is not necessary to make a sharp point-blunt will do).


The Turbine

1.      Drill a ¼” (6mm) hole through the CENTER of the large cork, or use a cork borer to make the hole.

2.       Center the wide end of the cork on the marking guide on the template page, and mark the cork with a pen or pencil.

3.       Place the cork wide-end down on a cutting board. Use the utility knife to cut shallow slits into the cork where the spoons will be inserted. USE CAUTION!

4.       Obtain 8 plastic spoons. Using the wire cutters, cut the spoon handles leaving a 1 cm stem on the bowl of the spoon.

5.       Be sure the glue gun is warmed up and that you have a glue stick or two handy.

6.      Insert the fi rst spoon into the cork, using the turbine template as a guide. Push the stem of the spoon into the cork to a depth of about 1 cm.

7.       Repeat step 6 with the remaining 7 spoons. Adjust the angle and depth of the spoons so they are evenly spaced and all project from the cork at the same angle.

8.       When you are satisfied with your turbine, add some hot glue to each spoon to secure it on the cork.

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