Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Build Micro-hydro Generator: The Rotor

1.      Obtain 4 magnets. Using the magnetic compass, determine the polarity of each face, and mark the south pole of two magnets and the north pole of the remaining two using a felt pen.

Checking the polarity of one face of a magnet using a compass

2.      Warm up your hot glue gun, and prepare to attach the magnets to the rotor disk. The magnets must be arranged so that their polarity alternates (i.e. N-S-N-S). Their position and polarity are indicated on the template.

3.      Squeeze a small (1cm) blob of hot glue on the spot where the first magnet will go. Quickly press a magnet with its washer onto the blob, as shown below. Allow the glue to solidify before moving onto the next magnet.

4.       Repeat this for the remaining 3 magnets, making sure to alternate north and south poles as you go.

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