Friday, October 5, 2012

Build Micro-hydro Generator: The Housing

1.      Obtain the plastic container and tear off any labels that might be attached to the sides. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut part of the bottom off, as shown in the photo below.

2.      Using a ruler, find the center of the side as accurately as you can. Mark this point with the permanent marker. Repeat for the other side.

3.      At the mark on each side of the container, drill a ¼” (6mm) hole through the plastic.

4.      Lay the stator with its attached coils on the side of the container so that its center hole is over the hole in the container. Push the nail (or awl) through each slit on the stator disk to mark the locations of these slits on the side of the plastic container.

5.      Using the utility knife, make 4 small slits on the side of the container, corresponding with those on the stator disk.

6.      Using the brass fold-over tabs, securely mount the stator disk to the side of the plastic container. Bend the tabs fl at on the inside of the container, as shown.


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