Friday, October 19, 2012

Hydropower Turbines

While there are only two basic types of turbines (impulse and reaction), there are many variations. The specific type of turbine to be used in a power plant is not selected until all operational studies and cost estimates are complete. The turbine selected depends largely on the site conditions.

A reaction turbine is a horizontal or vertical wheel that operates with the wheel completely submerged, a feature which reduces turbulence. In theory, the reaction turbine works like a rotating lawn sprinkler where water at a central point is under pressure and escapes from the ends of the blades, causing rotation. Reaction turbines are the type most widely used.

An impulse turbine is a horizontal or vertical wheel that uses the kinetic energy of water striking its buckets or blades to cause rotation. The wheel is covered by a housing and the buckets or blades are shaped so they turn the flow of water about 170 degrees inside the housing. After turning the blades or buckets, the water falls to the bottom of the wheel housing and flows out.

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